Be a part of the team that makes this award-winning event happen! Watch for announcements on our Facebook Page when volunteer registration is open (anticipated to open about April 1).

Volunteer Descriptions

Performance Rally is often defined as “real cars, on real roads, going real fast,” but it is more than that! It’s a family, a community of many dedicated people willing to work cooperatively together for many hours to put on this special events. Rally involves competitors, service crews and volunteer workers.

If you have questions as to specific job descriptions, don’t hesitate to email Gary Thomas or the respective official/chief(s).


The primary job is to provide a safety “net” for the entire rally. There are many tasks involved in this. A big responsibility is communications between stage start and stage finish and keeping track of Rally Officials in the forest. Also included in this specialty are:

  • “Riders” who ride with the hams and keep logs of the rally cars into and out of each stage (note: a Ham is NOT required to have a rider);
  • Three (3) separate Nets operate at STPR, with Control operators and scribes (and relief) needed for each;
  • Net Control operations are at the Tioga County Fairgrounds-Rally HQ, so no car is required.

Requirements for all Radio/Communications volunteers:

  • Your FCC Amateur Radio license must be current and you must bring a copy with you to show at registration.
  • You must have 2-meter mobile radio, capable of 25 watts MINIMUM with CTCSS (PL) tone capability. Bring your instruction manual with you.
  • If you RIDE in an official STPR vehicle, you will need a mobile radio, magnetic mount antenna and adaptable power connections. (Please advise if this is what you want to do.)

Hams are needed on Thursday to assist with the competitor’s reconnaissance (“Recce”) and the Practice Stage. Hams are also needed Friday for the Waste Management stages.


Volunteers qualified to provide Basic Life Support services are at the Start of every Stage, and each official Spectator Area. Our official Rally Physician provides Advanced Life Support. There are ambulances at several locations and back-up support from Ambulance services in three counties. Proof of certification, medical kit and car necessary.


The largest number of volunteers at a Rally are assigned to the stages. At STPR it takes over 360 volunteers to make the event happen. Almost 30% of those are stage workers, with a typical stage crew of 12-16 people. Experienced Stage Captains and Co-Captains coordinate the work of each group. volunteers time cars in, count down the start and time the finish. They block all intersecting roads to prevent non-rally traffic from interacting with competing cars, They also manage the crowds at the official spectator areas. Marshals have the best opportunity to see competing cars at speed during the event. Most crews work two assignments, typically one stage and one spectator area, or the same stage used twice.

  • Corner Marshals – Watch the race from your own corner in the woods while keeping local traffic off race course. Two people per team, car may be necessary. No experience.
  • Traffic Control – See the cars up close and meet drivers at The Green. Direct traffic and parking race teams. Saturday morning and afternoon shifts available. No car needed. (See Set up/Tear down below)
  • Service Area Marshals – Service area marshals Saturday morning in Stony Fork or Morris, Saturday afternoon in Wellsboro, or evening in Germania. See cars and teams up close, no experience required. There is plenty of time to also see the rally.
  • Practice Stage Marshals – A dozen people are needed to provide marshal services. The Practice Stage is NOT a spectator location.
  • Spectator Marshals – Watch the race from the best locations and help keep spectators safe. Newcomers welcome. Some examples of locations include Asaph Picnic Area, Colton Point, Wilson Point and Twelve Mile.


Volunteers are needed on event morning and again in the afternoon to direct rally cars to their starting positions. This is a busy, but easy task that allows volunteers to see all the cars and possibly chat with some of the teams. This group also is responsible for the set up and tear down of the start area and control of rally traffic in the area.


Sweep consists of experienced teams of four-wheel-drive vehicles which travel the course behind the rally cars. One vehicle travels a minute behind the last competitor, accompanied by a secondary medical team. The rest of the team picks up control logs and proceeds through the stage looking for cars in need of rescue. Each team has several Radio Amateurs who stay in contact with the rally Net. Sweep teams provide assistance in case of emergency. By clearing each stage, they also provide the official course closing function.


Assists the competitor registrar and/or the volunteer registrar process volunteers, competitors and service crews. They work in blocks of 2-4 hours on the days before the rally and/or a few hours Saturday morning before the start.


Assists the press officer(s) as needed. May include interviewing competitors, uploading information to the website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), coordinating with the website manager, etc.

Some experience required and may require use of personal vehicle. Must provide own equipment (laptop computer, audio/video equipment, etc.). College students who are media communications (journalism, public relations, etc.) and/or photography majors are encouraged to volunteer.

Photographers shoot digital images and/or video and periodically throughout the weekend provide either a memory card/stick (will be downloaded ASAP – might be retained until the end of the weekend ). Creator of work will be credited, but photos and/or video become property of Finger Lakes STPR® Motorsport, LLC.