Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally 2024

Calling all volunteers for #STPR24!
Registration Will be Opening July 1st

Volunteer Registration is a multi-step process:

The Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally cannot be successful on its own! We need your minds, your bodies, your hard work, and sweat. Sign up below if you are interested in joining the team.

Register online at Rally Master Pro and provide your information so we can properly place you during the event. Then register with the American Rally Association for a volunteer license to be covered by event insurance. All volunteers, registered online or not, must check-in at the onsite registration when you arrive and you MUST BRING your QR code to check in.

You need to register on the following TWO (2) sites

Step 1: When registering on Rallymaster Pro, please use the “Work with” and “Preferred assignment” fields to let us know if you have others you are wanting to work with. Please note, all of our events are configured to automatically register you for all days, please uncheck any day you cannot attend.

Step 2: Register for American Rally Association. This will send an SMS to your mobile phone with directions on how to submit it.

At some point closer to the event, we will notify you where the onsite check-in is and the times.


Note: Minors, under 18, must have a parent present while filling our ARA registration.
If you have general volunteer questions send us an email,